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ENGIE Services Ltd.


ul. Grochowska 312,
03-839 Warszawa
tel: 22 22 615 70 74

Open hours:
Monday - Friday
09:00 – 17:00 CET

Southern Region Office

ul. Nasyp 6, 44-100 Gliwice
tel/fax: (32) 231 41 90

Open hours:
Monday - Friday
07:30 – 15:30 CET


SALES DEPARTMENTPiotr RadziszewskiSales Directortel: +48 660 761 687

SALES DEPARTMENTMirosław RomanikSales Associate Director Technical Experttel: +48 600 803 891

SALES DEPARTMENTKonrad WitkowskiKey Account Managertel: +48 505 436 127

SALES DEPARTMENTMichał BeksaKey Account Managertel: +48 573 954 562

SALES DEPARTMENTAngelina SkiepkoOffer Specialisttel: +48 572 853 938

SALES DEPARTMENTSylwia SzwajOffer Specialisttel: +48 503 653 627

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWMarcin BiskupOperational Directortel: +48 608 672 032

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWBogdan AltewęgierProject Managertel: +48 728 477 079

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWKazimierz DmowskiProject Managertel: +48 728 319 311

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWKamil KurekProject Managertel: +48 660 764 615

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWJanusz MiśkiewiczProject Managertel: +48 724 300 114

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWKrzysztof MużyckiProject Managertel: +48 696 783 254

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWRadosław PodrazaProject Managertel: +48 505 436 115

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWJacek SójkoProject Managertel: +48 668 099 756

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT WARSAWSebastian StryjeckiProject Managertel: +48 503 653 313

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT Southern RegionBożena PussDirector of the Southern Regiontel: +48 502 702 374

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT Southern RegionKrzysztof DrozdowskiProject Manager Southtel: +48 881 945 192

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT Southern RegionKrzysztof PoloczekProject Managertel: +48 573 953 878

OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT Southern RegionTadeusz PurzyckiProject Manager Southtel: +48 698 139 393

PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENTUrszula StaweckaProcurement Managertel: +48 608 898 910

PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENTAleksandra ZielonkaProcurement Specialisttel: +48 503 653 657

COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING DEPARTMENTMagdalena JaromińskaCommunication and Integration Specialisttel: +48 604 299 672

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTMałgorzata SzymańczakDepartment Managertel: +48 604 317 742

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTBeata KaczyńskaAdministration Specjalisttel: +48 883 387 366

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTBogumiła LiszewskaHR Specialisttel: +48 662 321 220

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTKatarzyna OsypiukAdministration Specjalisttel: +48 664 042 196

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTNatalia KomisarczukCommunication and Integration Specialisttel: +48 798 771 425

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTMonika PopieluchaSecretarytel: +48 882 431 287

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTAgnieszka CymborskaSecretarytel: +48 500 665 253

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTIlona RębiejewskaRecruitertel: +48 509 819 613

HR & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTAnna ChylińskaJunior Recruitertel: +48 698 139 427

Engie in Poland

Jan WoźniakManaging Director of ENGIE Group companies in PolandI invite you to contact the companies of the ENGIE Group in Poland


ENGIE Services

ul. Grochowska 312
03-839 Warszawa
tel. (22) 615 70 74




ul. Koszalińska 3D
76-200 Słupsk
tel. (59) 848 63 00
Pogotowie Ciepłownicze tel. 993



ENGIE EC serwis

ul. Kulczyńskiego 6
76-200 Słupsk
tel. (59) 847 44 80
Pogotowie Ciepłownicze tel. 993



ENGIE Elektromontaż

ul. Nasyp 6
44-100 Gliwice
tel. (32) 231 48 83



ENGIE Złotów

ul. Za Dworcem 3
77-400 Złotów
tel. (67) 263 29 69




ul. Grochowska 312
03-839 Warszawa
tel. (22) 615 70 74



ENGIE Technika Instalacyjna

Ul. Bobrowiecka 8
00-728 Warszawa
tel. (22) 375 90 46



ENGIE Zielona Energia

ul. Uniwersytecka 13
40-007 Katowice
tel. (32) 60 30 599



We provide Help Desk services adjusted to a given facility or we provide Customer Help Desk services to meet our Customers' needs.

The ENGIE Help Desk system enables collection of data in order to identify quality, document the processes and improve service provision. Every request from a user is recorded in the help desk.

In real time Users are able to:

  • Contact the help desk by any means of communication
  • Track the process of completing a request in real time
  • Evaluate the provided services
  • Suggest actions to improve services

Facility Manager/Owner is able to:

  • Review all data related to the services
  • Monitor SLA and KPI
  • Export data from the help desk as an Excel file to perform further analyses
  • View documents attached to the help desk
  • Monitor event alarms
  • Track the satisfaction level of facility Users

The following Help Desk modules are available:

  • Service requests
  • Work progress, acceptance and invoicing
  • Documents
  • PPM – planned maintenance
  • List of systems and equipment
  • Media consumption
  • Reports and graphs
  • Conference rooms booking

We can present the Help Desk system in detail at Your request.

Quality & Enviroment

The aim of ENGIE Services Ltd. is to provide services with regard to the Customer's expectations of the quality of the service provided, requirements resulting from the applicable legal regulations, good engineering practices and environmental care.

Considering the above, in 2015 we implemented our Quality Management System in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009, Environmental Management System according to PN-EN ISO 14001: 2005 and EMAS compliant with the requirements of Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No 1221 / 2009 of 25 November 2009 on the voluntary participation of organizations in eco - management and audit system of the Community, which will enable them to further pursue their stated environmental objectives.


ENGIE skupia ludzi, którym rozwój i nowe wyzwania wyznaczają kierunek codziennej pracy. Są otwarci na zmiany, kreatywnie podchodzą do problemów, są zaangażowanymi oraz pragną doskonalić swoje umiejętności z pasją realizując prestiżowe projekty.

Dlatego, jeżeli:
- cechuje Cię przedsiębiorczy sposób myślenia, wysoka wydajność i zaangażowanie,
- posiadasz wysokie umiejętności techniczne,
- potrafisz współpracować i utrzymywać partnerskie relacje z klientami oraz współpracownikami

Prześlij CV na adres rekrutacja_ES_PL@engie.com lub skontaktuj się bezpośrednio z naszym Rekruterem panią Iloną RĘBIEJEWSKĄ tel. 509 819 613, e-mail: Ilona.Rebiejewska@engie.com.

Czekamy na Twoje zgłoszenie!


The everyday behaviour of building users is a crucial element of the energy saving process. In practice, the monitoring and live on-line presentation of the use of media in different parts of the buildings, combined with showing "Ecoadvice", remind us that everyone can take steps to help protect the environment, which in turn results in cost reductions. Ecopanel shows the scope of influence on media use and the environment of even the smallest actions of many people. The ECOPanel visual information system is located in a generally accessible part of the facility and forms the central element of the system. The system is universal and scalable, and can be used in large office buildings, universities, or small schools.

The Ecopanel system enables:

  • Remote reading of the media counters
  • Configuration of reports and comparisons
  • Implementation of visual information
  • Transfer of data to the users, administrators and managers
  • Precise data analysis
  • Automatic report generation
  • Inclusion of multiple facilities in the analysis
  • Support for green education


Our scope of services includes:


  • Supervision and technical support at the construction stage
  • Warranty and post-warranty supervision
  • Maintaining a Building Log Book
  • Energy management
  • Cost control and cost reduction
  • Asset management
  • Adjusting operations to suit changing regulations
  • Reporting systems

Service & Maintenance

  • Current maintenance
  • Equipment and installation inspections
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Break downs analysis
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Emergency service
  • in case of a break down alarms
  • Special event services etc.
  • Updating of documentation

Repair & Replacement

  • Delivery and replacement of consumables and spare parts
  • Emergency repairs
  • Handyman services
  • Modernisations

ENGIE Services provides end-to-end technical facility maintenance. The scope has been developed to increase the competitiveness of the premises and includes maintenance, system and technical infrastructure management, consulting services and individual engineering solutions.

Our service provision covers over 2 000 000 m2 of space in Poland. Our goal is to create long-term relations with our customers, based on trust in our competence and meeting both the current and future expectations of our Customers. Continual increasing the safety of our services and striving to achieve sustainable development enables us to meet those targets and optimise costs over the whole life cycle of the service facilities. Our solutions take into account the nature and priorities of the sector and the facility for which we supply our services.

ENGIE Services has the required key competences in the scope of maintenance, including critical infrastructure management in office buildings, industrial facilities, public facilities, data centres, logistics centres and shopping centres.

The scope of company's services

includes the following building systems:

  • Electrical and power installations
  • Water and sanitary installations
  • HVAC
  • Fire safety systemse
  • Access control systems (ACS)
  • Intrusion alarm systems (IAS)
  • Close-circuit television (CCTV)
  • Audio and audio-visual systems
  • Parking systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Compressed air installations
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Other technical infrastructure of facilities

Health & Safety Policy

In ENGIE Services Sp. z o. o., the safety of our employees is our top priority. We believe that together we can create work environment where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

Having the wellbeing of our employees in mind, in 2016 we introduced ISO 18001 system as well as the ISO 45001 system in 2020 as a tool for constant improvement and development of OHS standards. The noticeable improvement of occupational health and safety, as well as employee engagement motivates us to take further steps aiming at improving the quality of work.

In our organization, we together build the awareness of employees that day by day brings measurable results. In our daily work, we follow our "Life Saving Rules" being in line with the global standard of ENGIE group. The commitment of the top management of ENGIE Services Sp. z o. o. in the current OHS policy, ensures that the state of occupational health and safety in the Company is being taken care of. What we also want to achieve by the said tasks is meeting the requirements of our customers who trusted us.

Thanks to the engagement of all the company's employees and people working on its behalf being aware that safety at work is primarily a concern about own's health and life we can achieve our goals.

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Privacy policy

According to art. 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (Official Journal of the European Union L 119 of 04.05.2016), please be advised that:

  1. The controller of your personal data is ENGIE Services Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw 00-728 at ul. Bobrowiecka 8.
  2. The controller can be contacted via Data.Protection.PL@engie.com,
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ENGIE Services Profile

Key data:

  • Over 23 years in the Facility Management market
  • Area of activity - Poland
  • Market sectors: Office Buildings, Shopping Centres, Industrial and Logistics plants, Data Centres, Universities, Educational facilities, Hospitals, Schools and others, Public Private Partnership
  • Over 690 service employees
  • ISO: 9001, 14001, 45001, EMAS PL 2.14-007-79
  • Constant financial stability
  • Over 200 serviced Customers
  • Over 4 400 000 m2 in total serviced area

ENGIE Services is the leading partner in the Facility Management Services sector. With our many years of experience and continuous development, we take today's challenges with a fresh perspective and adjust our organisation to our customers' needs. Using our resources, knowledge, and skills, we strive to support the increasing safety, development and functioning of our customers' organisations and the communities we serve. We provide integrated solutions, including services for facilities and efficient energy use through a strategy based on innovations and new digital technologies.

Group Profile

The Group is listed on the stock exchanges in Paris and Brussels, and represented in the main international indices: CAC 40, BEL20, DJ Euro Sooxx 50, Euronext 100, FTSE Eurotop 100, MSCI Europe, DJSI World, DJSI Europe and Euronext Vigeo (Eurozone 120, Europe 120, and France 20).


We provide services related to over 4 400 000 m2 of space divided between more than 100 facilities.

Due to our Customers' confidentiality requirements, the references are presented on individual request, and only with the current Customers' consent.


  • Preliminary analysis - we identify potential areas where energy use can be reduced, by analysing user behaviour, equipment efficiency, demand management, as well as the energy supply and production processes.
  • Project feasibility analysis - we conduct a detailed assessment of the solutions in the context of technical effectiveness, financial efficiency, and risk assessment; then we suggest the most effective solutions for implementation.
  • Engineering and design services - in cooperation with ENGIE Technika Instalacyjna and ENGIE Elektromontaż we provide project services and analyses related to the project life cycle.
  • Project Management and Implementation - ENGIE Services, ENGIE EC Services, ENGIE Technika Instalacyjna, and ENGIE Elektromontaż teams have many years of practical experience in conducting projects related to efficient energy use, from study and design phases to project and safety management, and the organisation of project financing
  • Measuring energy saving results and verifying the data - monitoring measurements and then analysing them enable us to increase savings and provide data for improved energy cost budget management and precise assessment of the reductions in emissions.


ENGIE has many years of experience in conducting PPP projects in Europe. As a part of our Business to Territory activity, we have several programs and solutions dedicated to local government authorities. We are substantively and financially ready to conduct projects in the form of Public-Private Partnerships in the scope of energy performance contracting projects with guaranteed savings, modernisation projects, and development DBFMO projects (design, build, finance, manage, and operate). We have many years of experience in end-to-end Facility Management Service provision.

Currently we are conducting three Public-Private Partnership projects:

  • „Design, modernisation and maintenance of student dormitories on Badurskiego Street in Kraków" - 25 year contract, with ENGIE Services responsible for building and equipment maintenance.
  • „Thermal modernisation with management of heat sources in public facilities in Gmina Opalenica" - 15 year contract, with ENGIE Services responsible for the whole contract. This is the first agreement of this type of PPP in the Wielkopolska province, and the third for values in Poland.
  • „Thermal modernisation of educational buildings of Zgierz" - 15 year contract, with ENGIE Services responsible for the whole contract. The agreement is the highest in terms of the previously signed agreement in the framework of PPP thermo-modernization works.
Our services include:
  • Technical condition analysis
  • Developing proposals in the scope of energy-saving modernisation, related to modernisation and reconstruction
  • Conducting energy audits
  • Creating technical designs
  • Obtaining permits and approvals according to the scope of modernisation
  • Organising the financing for the investment
  • Risk-sharing, agreed with the Investor
  • Financing implementation, agreed with the Investor
  • Project management
  • Investment implementation
  • Providing Facility Management Services and technical support during the contract period
Energy Efficiency Services

Our efficient energy use services allow our customers to identify potential areas for savings and proposals for precise solutions to reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Facility Management Services

Today the modern workplace functions in a very dynamic environment. Providing satisfactory multi-sector services requires intelligent management, integration and flexibility.

Therefore, many of our customers now expect us to provide integrated Facility Management Services. We react to every individual request using the interdisciplinary skills of our employees to provide optimal effectiveness.

Our employees are fully involved in the search for environment-friendly solutions, allowing us to achieve not only an increase in business effectiveness but also efficient energy use.

Currently we offer Facility Management Services in the sectors of office space, industrial facilities and public facilities. Depending on the scope, the services are performed in cooperation with our Business Partners or directly by our Employees.

The services include:

  • Technical services
  • Reception services, concierge services, and parking management
  • Facility security
  • Cleaning
  • All-year maintenance of external areas
  • Catering
  • Supplementary services
  • Helpdesk - facility maintenance and management

Ethical Principals

Ethics must be at the core of managing our daily activities’. It must feed our managerial, commercial and operational practices. We build together the trust of our stakeholders, which is a major value creation lever for the Group.

We have a very clear policy: zero tolerance, particularly regarding fraud and corruption, and complete commitment to compliance with ethical rules - those of the countries in which we operate and those we set for ourselves.

ENGIE has adopted the highest ethical standards. ENGIE's operating principles are part of international reference documents such as:

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights and accompanying conventions,
  • Convention of the International Labor Organization and directional principles of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)for transnational companies,
  • Convention of the United Nations Against Corruption.

Created by ENGIE Ethics charter is the foundation for all of the referentials, internal policies and codes of conduct adopted by the Group. The charter defines the 4 fundamental ethical principles underlying all of ENGIE’s ethical commitments and it determines their field of application and presents the general architecture for the Group’s ethics and compliance governance and organisation.

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